Its been over two years now since i purchased my first smart phone (HTC G1) which i ran with for almost the entire 2 year contract. This past fall i switched over to Joy’s original iPhone and have been using it ever since. Due to excessive dropping the iPhone is now having audio issues, so I switched back over to the G1 to try it again, but the battery wont hold a charge any more. I have come to the conclusion that it might be time to get another phone, but which to get is the question.

So the debate is again the same as i had the last time, whether i should suck it up and buy an iPhone, or go with an Android. This time around i have the option to buy a used iPhone as well.

iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS HTC G2
Network AT&T AT&T or T-Mobile T-Mobile
Contract 2 Years n/a 2 Years
Puchase Price $199 $300 $99
Talk Time 450/minutes 600/minutes 600/minutes
Data 2GB Unlimited Unlimited
Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contract Pricing $85 $75 $75
Data Network 3G 3G 4G
OS Apple Apple Android

This is the simple graph that i’m using to compare the phones. In terms of OS between the iPhone and Android after i feel is a good amount of time to compare the two. I will say that the iPhone’s OS is a lot more refined and works much more smoothly navigating through the app. The apps are much more plentiful and fun on the iPhone and are just a little more well developed. As far as the Android it may not be as slick but it does have some benefits. Being Google ready means that that once you enter for your login information your phone is ready to go immediately with your contacts, calendar and mail instantly synced up.

The over realization after owning both phones is that sure the iPhone was fun to use initially but now the only apps that i’m regularly using are mail, internet, texting, camera, twitter, foursquare and facebook. Beyond those basic apps i don’t really use any other OS specific app. So which will i choose? I probably wont actually make an decision until this summer when the next iPhone is probably released. If there are any other arguments for any of the phones please let me know.

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