The weekend Joy and i were out and about driving all around the city eating of course, and meeting up with friends. Saturday night it was another struggle to stay up until the bewitching hours of going out to J Lounge with her friends so we headed out earlier and went to Seven Grand for some pre-drinks. The place is owned by the same group who owns the Broadway Bar and Golden Gopher. It has basically the same layout as the Golden Gopher just with a hunting lodge motif and deer heads on the wall. I ordered a glass of Glenrothes (which i had in SF from the my sister’s Scotch tasting, and more recently seeing ads for) while Joy got an amazing real Whiskey Sour. Afterwards we got some dancing in and some wine tasting too at J Lounge and actually lasted past midnight.

On the right day and right time I randomly made a rsvp for The Bazaar by José Andrés for dinela week, and it was awesome because the next day ALL the rsvp were gone. At $44/person its on the upper tier of pricing and i’ve read plenty of great reviews on about the place. Even Michael Voltaggio of Top Chef worked here before going on the show and eventually running his own place in Pasadena. Overall the meal was ok, but not as mind blowing as expected. By four of us getting the special we got to try 20 dishes which was basically the whole menu and the menu was basically the favorites of the normal menu so we were expecting a lot. I personally like 4-5 dishes out of the bunch but was looking for much more of a wow reaction from more of them even if they weren’t good. It was still a fun night, but maybe i’ll go back again if anyone wants to try it in a few years.

The whole review will be coming soon on the new site.

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