On the February 9th episode of Top Chef they showed a preview of contest that had to deal with muppets and Target. I was super stocked on the episode and it was like a double edge sword of excitement. The opening challenge had the contestant bake cookies for Cookie Monster, Telly, and Elmo which was really funny, but i could tell that the chefs weren’t totally into the challenge and it showed in the results of the dishes served. Dale actually won with a cookie that he didn’t even have to cook, but molded with different ingredients.

The elimination challenge had the chefs basically setup shop inside the middle of a Target grabbing all their things within the stores inventory. That meant from the food, to their cooking equipment and decor (which really didn’t seem to matter).  Each chef had their own method to their madness, but only three of them actually had an idea of what to cook. Carla (one of my team) didn’t even look to see what was available to cook until after spending an hour shopping for pots and table decorations. I was sure that she was going to get kicked off, but amazingly Angelo made the biggest mistake by over salting his soup, and got kicked off. The judging seemed like they had a real tough time deciding, but after reading Tom’s blog, it was just more drama for the camera.

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