What a strange journey the last six months have been. Joy’s parent moved in September and last night were dropped off at LAX for their retirement in Thailand. It was a wide range of emotions during the whole time and especially their last day in LA. I summed it up as if it was a crash course in having kids. At first it was awkward, with a lot of tip toeing around the house (baby) that moved into being comfortable just enjoying the company (kids) that was followed by lots of bickering and complaining with things that needed to happen before their move (teenagers) and finally being all sad as they packed up their things and moved on with their lives (college).

Joy and I both took off of work the yesterday so that we could spend the day taking care of last minute things and more importantly just spending time with them. We started off by going to the Chinese Temple in Chinatown for some prayers, followed by dim sum at Empress Pavilion. In the afternoon since we already out we took them out to Hollywood for a walk around town. We showed them around Hollywood and Highland and all the stuff being setup for the Academy Awards. We took some nice touristy shots in front of Grauman’s Chinese theater to finish off the trip.

In the evening my parents came over with some KFC and loaded up the van with 5 suitcases filled to all 50lbs. The final moments for me personally was a bit of nervousness, and excitement for her parents. It actually went by a flash as after checking in their luggage i figured we would all mill about the terminal spending the last hour together but instead her parents were basically “thanks for everything, see you later” and walked into security.

Joy held up pretty well, until we finally got home and everything was quiet and that much emptier. I tried to take her mind off it by cleaning up the house and rearranging things now that the other bedroom was free to use/store things. I’m sure they’ll be an adjustment period, but it was something that we knew was going to happen, and it gives us a reason to go to Thailand more often.

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