Tuesday morning at work i hear from across the office “anyone want to go to the Lakers game tonight?” I hurry over and snatch up all three tickets for sale and quickly IM Roland to join Joy and I for the night’s game. We met up with Roland at the ESPN Zone for some food and beers during the first quarter and finished up watching the OT victory from the upper deck.

I’m happy that they won, but it was so frustrating watching them play so poorly down the stretch. I know that they can kill any team they play, but often times just look careless and not willing to go all out. I liken it to a genius kid not doing well at school because they’re just bored in class.

Wednesday night was the Clippers game that i bought tickets for on one of those one day discount sites which i thought would be the only game i went to this season. I’ve been excited to go to a Clippers game because of the one man hustle crew Blake Griffin. Every game you’re treated to at least one highlight reel play, and at least six or seven amazing shots by the big man. Too bad that half the stadium was filled with Bulls fans and you just couldn’t get into the game with so many people cheering on the opponents. I think Joy and I were still tired from the night before so we left at the end of the third quarter.

And the night might have ended early because we went to Lawry’s for dinner before the game and i ended up losing our tickets and I was already giving up and thought we should go home. We did end up going to the Marriot’s business center to reprint out tickets.

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