Joy’s birthday is in the middle of the week this year so we had to celebrate this weekend. Janelle invited us over for a little get together to celebrate both of their birthdays along with Jodi (who shares the exact same birthdate). We did a little pre-drinking with some sake, and chased it with some sushi.

The night continued in Hollywood where we fought off the rain and the crowds of NBA Allstar weekend to meet up with her friends at The Room, Hollywood. The place worked out great since we were able to reserve a couple tables without having to order bottle service and everyone got in before they started charging a cover charge. Too bad the service was a little slow, and there wasn’t a dance floor but of course we made our own dance area. Joy got to show off her dougie, and got a few guys to show her their dougies as well. The only thing that i couldn’t fulfill for her birthday wish was to get a danger dog. The rains must have scared them off because there were none to be found so Joy and I ended up in Thaitown for some fried pork and lard nar. Fun times.

On Sunday we headed out to Buena Park to a place called John’s Incredible Pizza Co. to celebrate Noel’s 40th birthday. I teamed up with Steve and Roland to get him a custom Lakers Jersey with the number 40, and the name NOQUILLE (rather than SHAQUILLE), which is a tribute to our playing days as kids. I was super stocked at his reaction and i’ve heard he still hasn’t taken it off.

The thing that i couldn’t get over was the restaurant itself. Its taken over the entire bottom floor of the Buena Park mall, which is broken up into the buffet area, themed eating areas and a huge arcade with a twirling ride in the middle of it all. The smell of the place, with the blinking lights and amount of people made me think of the Circus Circus midway, if you put a pizza/pasta buffet right in the middle of it all. I know Joy and Roland were tripping out the entire time as well.

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