Wednesday night is usually reserved for my weekly video chat with my sister of Top Chef All Stars. Last night our schedule got thrown off because both her and Joy and I had plans out of the house and had to reconvene later than usual.

When we got back home we got to watching the Lakers as it looked like they were going to be beaten by the Warriors and i happened to see on that the Clippers were actually beating the Heat. So I quickly flipped over just in time to see Blake Griffin of the Clippers and Mario Chalmers get into a tussle, and the very next play that had Baron Davis dishing a pass to Griffin for a dunk over Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Heat. The best was having Griffin just stare down the Heat as we walk back to the other side of the court, and the Clippers pulling off another victory over another elite team.

After the game my sister logged on and we were still able to watch Top Chef  as normal, just at a later time. The show is still quite riveting now that tempers are starting to flare up and egos are starting to get the best of some of the Chefs. I was very excited to see another new edition to the challenges as the Chefs had to go fishing for their own ingredients (even if the Next Iron Chef did the same thing) but i do get sick of the team competitions since it just creates more bitching and complaining and less dish development.

In the end Carla won another competition, and the double elimination outsted Jamie (who should’ve left 3 episodes ago) and Tiffiani Faison (who’s attitude has changed for the better, but just felt like she was forcing it). As for the Fantasy Top Chef Challenge the win for Carla netted me five points, but with Team Black being very calm and very professional never get me any cursing or crying points. For that reason i’m still in last place by nine points behind Joy who is in the lead with 28 points. Thankfully she’s down to only two chefs left and I have three still.

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and the Lakers did pull off a comeback for the win.

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