I’ve been meaning to give rock climbing a shot, but with no real idea of where to go, or what to do i’ve held off from trying it. Last week on buywithme.com they offered a deal for Hanger 18 in Hawthorne for 1 month for 2 people. I got Jonathan to sign up and we left work early Friday to redeem our passes.

We happened to run into our friend Matt there where he tried to give us some tips, but realized we were complete newbs, and got one of the staff to give us an un/crash course on the procedures. After about 15 minutes of training we were scaling the walls and easing each other down the wall. Joy got up the bunny slopes with relative ease but sure didn’t trust me lowering her down and wouldn’t let go of the rocks. She struggled a bit on the harder walls, but i think by the end of the month she’ll be a monkey like me getting up the inclined walls. I picked up some tips in the past so i learned a few tricks like relying on more of your legs and so I was able to scale the wall faster than Jonathan could take up the slack on the ropes.

I’m feeling pretty good today, but Joy is sore all over. I can’t wait until i get pull myself up the ledges with just my finger tips.

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