For the first year in many years I had plans for New Year’s eve a month before, and of course just like the previous years it was spent with Ben and Tiffany, but this time it was an actual party. The themed the party TMZ: Swank or Skanky in honor of Tiffany’s dress she picked up during Black Friday. I did my part by finding a tux shirt and bow tie at the thift store and throwing on my old suit. I even went out and bought some cufflinks, but failed to realize that i also need shirt buttons so i had to make due with a bunch of yelp pins and a green lantern pin to keep it together. Joy got to wear a dress she picked up in Santa Barbara and I grabbed my old fur coat which fit her perfectly.

The night was fun and Ben (Green Day’s Billy Joe)  and Tiffany dressed up their house very classy. I was still recovering from my company retreat so i didn’t touch any alcohol for the night, and that might have led to me being really sleepy the whole night. I did make it all the way through the night and we eventually went home around 2am.

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