DineLA is coming back at the end of the month, but thats just the end of it. Tuesday was one of those days that just had my inbox just flowing with offers for food and drinks. The first thing to come in was an offer from yelp for Luna Park in Los Angeles of $50 worth of food for $25. I messaged Joy and my culinary parters Ben and Tiffany and made dinner plans for Saturday night. During the same conversation we realized that dineLA was going on at the end of the month, and if you don’t know about dineLA its a chance to eat at some fancy and not so fancy places at a set cost which at most places tend to be a deal (not all applies):

dineLA Restaurant Week is a two-week dining event that gives local foodies and visitors to LA the opportunity to enjoy a selection of specially priced three-course meals from some of LA’s best restaurants during the event.

So during the same conversation we also made a rsvp for The Bazaar by Jose Andres which is a fancy (expensive) restaurant at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. This would be my first molecular gastronomy¬†experience hope that its mind blowing and people seem to get by eating there. Too bad Tiffany warned me that we’ll still probably have to go to In & Out afterwards to fill up.

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