Part of my new diet is cooking and eating at home 5 days a week and Friday was our night out to eat. We’ve been wanting to go to Al Noor, but wanted to get out a little farther so we found out that Westchester has their own First Friday food truck gathering. There were about 10 trucks out there, but we went only for the India Jones Chow Truck for their roti rolls. They’re still not as good as the New York versions, but its a good west coast version.

Still was the night young so we went up to LA for some dessert at MILK. I don’t know what got into me since i don’t normally eat that much dessert, but i really wanted the Brownie Sunday with coconut ice cream, coffee toffee ice cream and pecan whip cream and a cherry on top. The craziest part was that we finished the whole damn thing. I was seriously buzzing off of sugar and caffeine on the drive home.

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