I’ve done a pretty good job up to this point of basically removing myself from the Internet as possible. There are just a few loose ends with my blog showing up on google, and its pretty much private from the public unless you’re coming straight to my site. Now if you search my name, my iStockphoto account shows up, a few photo credits come up on a few sites and my marathon running times are about the most you can find up on me personally.

As an experiment though i still want to see if I can actually reap any benefits for all my food writings and so i’m going to start a new blog strictly about food and eating food. Taking the knowledge from what i’ve been doing for the past 10 years personally, and trying to practice what i preach at work to my clients i’m going to see if at all possible to actually make money running a blog. Since the only thing that i seem to spend money on is eating, i’m a 3rd year elite, and i’m twitter friends with a few other food bloggers i figured it’ll keep my attention on it the longest and i’ll end up with a few perks as well.

Joy will actually be joining this venture as a writer/cooker/eater, and i’ll actually be reaching out to a few of you who have your own business/website to see if you might want to partner up with a few ideas that i have. I’ll still keep up with my personal musings on this website but i’ll have most of my eatings on the new site, so watch out in a few weeks as i get the ball rolling and launch the new site.

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