This year i’ve actually set some Resolutions to work on for the year. The first was one that i almost broke on the second day of the year which was a Picture a day for the year. Last year i got through half the year with being able to snap a shot, but sometime in the summer i just failed and it was all down hill from there. Once i missed that day the whole world crumbled as far as the project went and i just gave up by October. Its by far not the hardest thing to do yet is possibly the hardest since it take dedication just to get one on in by the stroke of midnight by any one of the 5 cameras that i own. You can follow my status on my flickr account and see if i fail once again accomplish the goal this year.

My other resolutions for this year are as follows:

  • Try not to be as negative/cynical. My co-workers were laughing hysterically, thinking that this guy is my British Alter Ego “it’s got a flippy-uppy flash…whoop-de-do”. I don’t really want to be known as the negative friend, and want people not to get so scared of my when they first meet me.
  • Explain myself more, i was taught in college that the more you have to talk about something the less you actually know about a subject. Somehow i developed that same approach to how i communicate with people expecting them already to see the world as i do, but i look at the world in my own rose colored glasses and now understand that maybe i’ll have to throw in a few extra words just to make sure you understand what i’m talking about.
  • Eat things that in the past i didn’t want to try, or try again things that i’ve told myself that i didn’t like. I already started off the year by having Honey Nut Cheerios which i always thought had peanuts, but when i read the ingredients it doesn’t even have nuts in it, but just almond flavor (what a ripoff!). The second was ginger soup which my mom used to make and stink up the house, and which Joy loves cooking and eating. Its a strange brew of spicy and sweet, and warming but good with sweet tofu and fried bits of crunchy. I still can’t handle the soup alone, but i can see the appeal of all of it together (i have developed a taste for ginger last year).
  • Waking up, getting ready, and having breakfast. Those sweet moments in bed in the have been keeping me hostage in the cold chilling mornings, but i need to start the day off on a better foot. Which means getting up with plenty of time to use the bathroom, clean myself up, and sit down to have breakfast with Joy.

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