I had been battling a cold for the past week and did my best to get healthy again by Saturday for Andrea’s annual Christmas Party, this year titled Hipster Holiday Soiree! I drank gallons of water with emergen-c, chicken soup, and plenty of tylenol to get well enough to attend. I made a pot of chili from scratch (even the beans) bought a pretty clever white elephant gift too, and I was pretty happy that all i really needed to buy for my outfit was a t-shirt from H&M that was on sale for a buck!

The Hipster scene is a pretty interesting/lame style thats been pretty popular and by seeing that i bought my shirt for a buck it must be on its way out the door pretty quickly. Its sad that I needed some help trying to even figure out what a hipster is, but there are plenty of sites that can teach you a thing or two about it.

or i could’ve just went to Urban Outfitters and just bought anything off the rack and been done. Thankfully it doesn’t really take that much beyond an American Apparel hoody, ironic t-shirt and some converses, oh and a strange hair cut or facial hair.

For our gift exchange gift we bought Banky’s Wall and Piece and a stencil to do your own graffiti. There weren’t too many gifts that were stolen, but there was an unexpected Hello Kitty theme in the gifts, with a shirt, blanket and bag in the mix of gifts. Joy and I ended up with a shake weight that Joy was actually pretty excited about getting and was actually worried about getting stolen. That was until the very next gift open was another shake weight. Everybody got a kick out of them, and we ended the night at a respectable hour after eating plenty, drinking a little, and even getting a little dancing in.

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