The beginning of the end of the year happened to fall on the weekend this year which made for lots of time with family. After all the food my belly is really testing the elasticity of my pj’s but i enjoyed every minute of it. Friday afternoon Joy and i got together with the cousins for Thai food at Thai Nakorn where we had the usual crying tiger, fish soup, fried fish, and mi krop. We handed out gifts and Katie seemed to like the singing Belle (Beauty and the Beast ) doll, which i hope my cousin pish wont hate us for in a week or more.

At dinner my sister went to eat with her in-laws and my parents had dinner plans with their friends and Joy and I had a little pity party that we didn’t have anyone to eat with, but we found out her cousins went down to Huntington Beach to have some Japanese food at Sushi on Fire. We knew it was going to be a treat because the people going knew the owner and were going to get hooked up for sure. We arrived a little late but were greeted by beer and hot sake that literally just kept appearing without anyone having to say a word.

For our traditional Christmas dinner we skip the Turkey and Ham, or even the Prime Rib and go straight to the Lobster. Before dinner though we have another tradition of hitting up the Indian Casino to donate money to the Natives and press our luck for an extra big dinner. No luck this year but we still got to enjoy a 6lbs Lobster. Newport Seafood is the place we go to but you HAVE to get there before 5pm on Christmas day if you don’t want to wait to eat.

Sunday Joy and I were pretty wiped out for food, and actually only had one meal for the day at Mottainai Ramen in Gardena.The place serves only Ramen, but in a variety of broths, Tokyo (soy based),  Yokohama (pork based), Sapporo (miso based). I got the Yokohama which was very porky while Joy got the Tokyo which was your typical soup. The place was ok, but not great because i felt like it was inconsistent with its base strength and the noodles doneness.

Overall it was a good weekend, but i’m in real need to get back on my diet and maybe train for the Knott’s Berry Farm Coaster Run in March.

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