Top Chef Season 8 – All Stars Premiered on Wednesday, and now it means something. I setup a little Fantasy Top Chef with Joy, Nina, and her Co-worker Teresa and we held a draft before the first episode. So we randomly drew names to determine the draft order and each picked 4 chefs to consider our “team.” The point scoring goes as follows:

  • 5 points for a Elimination Win
  • 3 points for a Quickfire Win
  • 1 point for crying on an episode
  • 1 point for cursing on an episode

So my team consists of Tiffany from season 7, Tre from season 3, Carla from season 5, and Stephen from season 1. I didn’t necessarily go for the all black team, it just worked out that way with who was left on the board. My biggest worry of course is Mr. Sommelier Stephan who i guess hasn’t been cooking and just running the front of the house, but something about his arrogance  has me hopeful of some hidden points in the game.

We actually held the draft and watched the first episode over video on iChat with Nina which was a new experience and well worth it. I’m sure we were all shocked when Elia (who i really wanted to draft first) got eliminated for cooking worse fish than she cooked for her elimination. It makes it fun watching and debating if bitch is a curse word, or even who said it when its in the background of the kitchen or they don’t show the face of who said it.

The only hiccup we had was that the title of the show is technically different from just Top Chef so my DVR didn’t automatically download it, and we had to watch it live with out being able to fast forward. Next week should be better though.

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