Affectionately known as CTM, is the burning goodness that had me at the first spoonful. It was actually difficult for me to choose just one dish from Al Noor because i love all their dishes (minus the tandoori) but this was the dish that got me hooked on Indian Food. This dish itself is creamy, spicy, full of flavor and the best i’ve had from anywhere. I’ve been told its not as authentic as other places but when something tastes this good, who cares. Its literally one of the few dishes that i can have for lunch, and dinner on the same day. Be careful not to get any on you, and don’t wipe your face with the same napkin that you wipe your sweat off with because it’ll sting your face too.

This place is the epitome of hole in the wall, even if they have expanded and taken over their next door neighbor, but they’re still located in Lawndale in a strip mall. The topper of the place beyond the food, is that its cheap, way cheaper than most Indian places that i’ve been too, but deceivingly cheap. For only $8.99 you’ll get a dish you can share with at least another person and many more if you get more then just that dish.

Close runner up dishes are Lamb Karahi, Aaloo Palak, Baigan Bharta, and of course order the naan and mango lassi.

Al Noor

  • Address: 15112 Inglewood Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260
  • Neighborhood: Southbay
  • Cuisine: Indian/Pakistan
  • Price: $9-15

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