People have noted that Joy and I seem to eat a lot. I personally don’t think we eat that much, but its just we tend to go to lots of different places when we do go out. It is fun exploring and trying out new places, but in reality there are only a few that are worth going back to over and over again. I like to think back and try to remember the memorable dishes that make a place stand out, and surprisingly there aren’t very many places that call out to me that i have to go back to.

I’m going to start listing restaurants or other eateries that have that one killer dish that i base all other dishes on. From Hawaii to New York i’m going to just do my best to list out all the places that just make my mouth water when thinking about it. A funny thing about thinking about this stuff is how rarely i have pictures of these dishes because i tend to just eat it up before being able to snap a picture of it. I’m going to try to update this new category better than the other ones that i’ve tried, so check back often to see whats up.

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