Jonathan and Janelle’s boy Noah is turning 3 along with all the other fire pigs out there. So the threw him a part out in Torrance at Wilson Park where they have miniature trains that adults and children get to ride for free. Thats where the fun begins and where my terror begins. Joy and I were the only ones there without kids, and while everyone went for their fun ride, i some how volunteered my services to watch over Naomie, by myself. In all honesty i thought someone else was going to be there with me, but alas it was just me and the girl.

Everything started out fine with her sleeping in the stroller and me playing on my phone. She started to stir and making funny faces and panic started to rise and i think instantly my back got sweaty. She calmed down and kept on sleeping. Emergency diverted. Not 5 minutes after telling my sister she started getting really fussy and the cries began. I quickly texted janelle, but she was on the ride already so i rolled up my sleeves and went in. I don’t think i’ve even picked up a baby from the lying position but i got her up and held her until she calmed down. My arm was getting pretty tired but everytime i adjusted to get more comfortable she started to cry again. Janelle texts back that the train in making an additional brithday loop so i continued holding my own.

Finally when they got back i got relieved of my duties and Jonathan seemed pretty proud of me. Me on the other hand realized that i’m going to need to work out even more. My arm was literally strained 10 minutes later and i couldn’t even pick up my cake to eat it.

The rest of the party consisted of a Cars cake, and lots of running around of the kids and the parents quickly following behind them. This experience will really make me appreciate the “single” life even more. Can’t wait til Joy and i go on our trip to Thailand and Europe.

See the rest of the photos.

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