Its already been a year at our home, and our second Thanksgivings dinner with the parents, minus my dad who’s in Thailand for the month. I’m so happy that everyone is still healthy and sarcastic as ever, and that we have time to spend with each other before Joy’s parents retire to Thailand next year.

I took some time to do some IT stuff at work, upgrading the server, and organizing things for the upcoming week. The funny thing is that everyone went to work in the morning so there’s wasn’t anything special about the morning, but thankfully the dinner menu didn’t have anything that required lots of cooking time.

The menu in its entirety was:

This year we tried out a bunch of new recipes and the results were mixed. This was the first time cooking a pork loin whole, and it came out wonderfully moist, but i didn’t really care for the mustard/rosemary combo. I really like how the bacon kept the insides juicy, and of course who doesn’t like bacon wrapped anything.

The pie was the exciting part as we found an old Betty Crocker cookbook at a flea market a few months ago and had all the classic recipes. Joy had a lot of fun at first making and rolling out the dough, but it became apparent that we’ll need some practice before it gets perfect. I had the fun task of peeling and cutting 8 apples, but the results were good. The crust came out ok, but i think it might have been worked too much, but the filling was delicious.

After dinner Joy and I went to the Southbay Galleria to watch Harry Potter which was a great way to finish off the day of food, family and fun.

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