Black Friday came and went and even when i tried to shop the world was against me. I went to Target 3 times, Walmart, Cerritos Mall, Manhattan Beach Mall, and walked away with some tupperware that my mother bought me. I did try to buy a couple pieces of clothing but every time i went to check out, the items that i picked weren’t even on sale, just sadly misplaced in the store.

So i turned to where i know i could buy everything, I finally bought a few items that i’ve had in my Amazon Wish List and realized my only interests are now Sports, Food, and Zombies. I ended up buying NBA JAM, Anthony Bordain: Medium Raw, Day by Day Armageddon, Zombieland, and the Hangover in blu-ray (my first blu-rays disks). I did help that i went to Coinstar to exchange some change, and by getting a giftcard instead of cash, they don’t take a cut out of it.

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