My first friend that i met when i worked at Disneyland Esme recently got engaged so she invited everyone to a Taco, Tequila, and Donkey party. Well originally it was only a Taco and Tequila party but someone threw out the idea of a donkey on the evite and managed to bring one to the party.

We all met up in Pasadena for a really cheap and tasty real mexican taco truck where i personally ate 4 in a second. I had an al pastor, carnitas, asada and chirraron all topped with onions, cilantro, radish, and a spicy red sauce and all for $5. I have been thrown off by all those fusion trucks i forgot how cheap they’re suppose to be.

Once we were done eating we all moved down the street to El Cholo for some drinks, and drink we did. There were pitchers of margaritas flowing and a bottle of tequila showed up to the table. The whole back patio was throwing back shots and having a good time. I can’t wait for their wedding, its going to be nuts.

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