Its been quite a while since Joy and I have gone on a road trip, and with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon we had a choice of heading south to San Diego or north to Santa Barbara. Since i calculated SB being about a 30/45 minute shorter drive we headed north up the 101. On the drive up Joy and her handy dandy iPhone came up with an itinerary of visiting a couple wineries and getting a burger afterwards.

The first stop was Carr Winery which has a $10 tasting of six different wines. The place has ample area inside to enjoy your wine and a friendly dog that wanders around too. The server was pretty much all business with a pour, and moving along and didn’t really go into explaining the wines themselves. The wines ranged from $20-$60 and were nice but didn’t really tempt us into buying one.The actual building is located in a warehouse district so if you’re looking for it in an area of car repair shops and lighting stores then you’re right about there.

The second winery was Whitcraft Winery which is just down the street from Carr. The “tasting room” was much more of a cashier’s table with boxes of wines all around. Thankfully their wines were explained by the owner, and had a very nice range of flavors. We ended up picking a bottle there to take home for another night.

To help sober up we ended up at Silvergreens near State St. because i was in the mood for a classic juicy bacon cheeseburger. Too bad i didn’t get one. We waited until 3pm for their burger and beer for $6 special which seemed like a good deal but maybe they have a secret why. The burger came out really fast, which surprised us, but the meat seem really cooked through for being made so fast. I have to wonder if these were burgers that missed the lunch crowd so they just pass them off with the beers hoping no one will notice.

On the way home we stopped by the Camarillo outlets where i picked up some Nike hiking shoes and walked around a bit to see that they are going to have a midnight black friday sale if anyone is interested.

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