The new fall TV schedule left much to be desired, but i had to pick something to watch so I put Hawaii Five-O, Nikita, and Top Chef Just Desserts on the DVR. Hawaii Five-O is got me hooked, and its most likely not because of the story lines or acting, but do to what i call the Sex and the City / Entourage syndrome. Its more about checking about the places they shoot at, and seeing what part of the cities that I’ve been to. Its a pretty fun game to try to name the hotel they’re shooting at or even the which highway that they’re driving on.  As for the cast, although i find the characters out of place in their roles it doesn’t bug me too much, and i like Scott Caan since watching him in the Ocean’s 11 series and he basically plays the same character, just on the other side of the law. As for the two Koreans i find them serviceable as the “Hawaiians” but i wish they could’ve added Taylor Wily into the regular cast a little more.

Don’t get me wrong, all the bikinis, and cameos of B-list actors that i see in other Hawaii shows is always great too. I do wish that they made the opening shots a little closer to the original, but its one of the few themes songs that i have no problem listening to each time it comes on.  Compared to shows from today they actually made a great opening song, and didn’t skip out with just a single sound, like LOST.

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