On a whim I decided that i wanted to go to Universal Hollywood Halloween Haunt, even though i know Joy doesn’t prefer to going to these type of events. The park is open from 7pm, and when we got to the parking lot we were informed that the park is already sold out, and you if you didn’t already have a ticket you weren’t getting in. Good thing the online price was cheaper so we were good there, but we knew it was going to be a packed house even if it was only October 1.

The lines for security was already pretty deep, but thankfully it moved pretty quickly and were inside the park in no time. Upon entering there were screams in the distance and lots of chain saws being wielded by masked men, and guys sliding on the ground through the fog getting everyone. Joy was naturally pretty nervous walking through the darkness when the scariest moment happened with got deeper in the park. Joy realized she didn’t have her phone anymore. That was a true buzz kill, as we retraced our steps through the packs of people and i naturally thought it was a goner.

Joy was a Sad Panda.

We ended up at the Lost and Found with very little hope, but amazingly it was there! We think that she dropped it near the entrance where a lot of staff were so it was probably the only chance that she could’ve dropped it and actually recovered it.

For the rest of night we went on the Terror Tram which dropped you off at the Grinch, Psycho and War of the Worlds sets with plenty of monsters hiding behind walls and even in the bushes. By the time we got back to the park every line to every other maze was at least an hour long so we checked out the new King Kong 3D ride and one last maze with a short line on the way out of the park. It was a fun night despite the scare at the beginning, but i think i’m good for the rest of my life from going to another halloween haunt event again.

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