Too bad summer is over, and by the time Joy and I go out for our evening run, its more like a midnight run. The 1.7 mile run from Manhattan Beach pier to Hermosa Beach pier is still a pretty nice route because when the sun goes down, the houses light up, and now the residents that live by the beach let everyone into the living rooms. Most of the houses open up their windows and turn on the lights and you get a peek on how they live. Lets just say they all live a pretty nice life with the amount of furniture and wine glasses most of these houses have. With my Monday night basketball back in full swing and the additional beach runs i feel my endurance coming back, and just in time too with winter coming up real fast and of course with the surprise return of the McRib!

I was really tempted to get one after basketball on Monday but held off to eat the home cooked food. Yesterday i didn’t have a chance to pack a lunch, i casually mentioned that i wanted to get a McRib, and Jonathan actually got excited and wanted one too. The rest of the office was pretty disgusted by the thought of it, so of course jonathan and i walked down the street to get the delicious pork nugget drenched in bbq sauce and its still good as ever.

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