The start of the NBA season starts tomorrow night and of course i have to do my annual NBA predictions. Big things happened over the summer which rocked the NBA landscape and with the upcoming possibility of a labor lockout this may be all the NBA you get for a while. Of course with LeBron, and Bosh deciding to join Wade in Miami all the news is about how good Miami is going to be and that they are the team to beat now. I am totally fascinated with seeing how they play, but from early reports with all the injuries that its literally the Cleveland show 2.0 with James with the ball and everyone supporting his offense. While they might have made the headlines, they are not the only teams that made moves to dethrone the Lakers. With Boston retooling, Utah picking up a legitimate center, and the up and comers Thunder, and Rockets gaining experience no team is going to have a cake walk to the championship.

2010-2011 NBA Predictions

Most Valuable Player: Kevin Durant

Defensive Player of the Year: Joakim Noah

6th Man: Antawn Jamison

Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin (still considered a rookie)

Coach of the Year: Jerry Sloan

General Manager of the Year: Pat Riley

Western Conference Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

Eastern Conference Champions: Boston Celtics

NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

Prop Bets

LeBron and Wade will both score at least 30 in a game, and lose.

Kobe will only play in 65 games.

Deron Williams will lead the league in assists.

Durant will repeat as scoring champ.

Kidd and Nash will have retirement rumors by the end of the year.

Clippers will have more wins than the Bucks.

Gilbert Arenas, Carmelo, and Richard Hamilton get traded mid-season.

Suns and Blazers don’t make the playoffs.

Miami gets beat in the second round of the playoffs against the Magic.

On another note, while looking for images to use, i stumbled upon the Heat’s Dancer web page and their team pictures look more like an ad for an escort service rather than a dance squad.

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