Last Monday at work we launched the Curb Your Enthusiasm contest, and so relieved a lot of worries in my head with the project that wouldn’t die. The majority of the stress of the past two months finally started dissipating, it was time to get my life back in order. I got it started with a little Monday night basketball in Lomita at the Narbonne High School. It used to be another purely Japanese group, but opened it up to other people years back, although the majority of players are japanese and include what i suspect all girl tournament team, since 4 of them were wearing the same shirt.

I don’t remember how i used to play from 8-10 consistently because now it just feels so late. I did get in two games before i thought my heart would explode, and so it was a good warm up for weeks to come. At least with this one i don’t feel obligated to go every week, and can come and go as i please.

With the strange rain that came down it made it a good excuse to go to Hakata ramen for some noodles and beer. I went all out and ordered it with a strong soup base, lots of oil and al dente noodles. It was delicious and its so nice that we can actually walk to the restaurant from home. As much as i liked Santa Monica, there were seriously no places within walking distance of my apartment to get a good meal.

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