The company has been through a pretty rough stretch of headache clients and things are starting to wind down, so it was time to relax a little and have another company team building event. It so happened to be beer week so we booked a private tasting even with the makers of Allagash beers and food pairings at Tin Roof Bistro in MB. I’ve been pretty familiar with Allagash White which you can typically find in your local watering hole, but i had no idea that they had so many other brands of beer until that night. The menu had us sampling a total of 5 different beers ranging from White of course to others called Four (distilled four times), Black, Victor (which is made mixed with a Cabernet grape),  Curieux, and a special bonus beer which i don’t remember the name anymore. They all had high alcohol contents between 8-11% meaning that it was some pretty strong stuff. Other than the White comes in 750ml bottles so i think its a nice thing to share if you’re out and about and they have it in the fridge.

The foods that were paired with them were nice but the dessert was delicious with the Curieux. We met a nice couple that happened to be seated between our group and thankfully they were comfortable with our antics at the table. I feel bad for people outside our office sometimes with what WORK considers normal behavior compared to the rest of the world.

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