With the skies in a super gloom mode, Joy and I spent the morning cleaning the house, and rearranging furniture so that they place looked better. We noted somethings that we need to buy and headed out to Santa Monica to run some errands. After we did some shopping at 3rd St. and the best Bed Bath and Beyond we went to Helms Bakery in Culver City to check out furniture at Room and Board. We got a little hungry so we made a stop at Father’s Office for some burgers and beers. I noticed that they had some Allagash beers on the specials and thought why not continue the tasting. It was actually the first time i’ve been to FO and found seating right away. Its been awhile but serious still one of my favorite burgers and probably my favorite for burgers that cost over $10. That bacon/onion thing they put in there is like crack.

By the time we finished Jonathan, Janelle, and Chrissie showed up for some pre-drinking for a Scion artshow that was happening around the corner so they ordered two additional Allagash beers, the Curieux and the Victoria (sister of Victor) which is made with Chardonnay grapes which i really liked.

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