For what seems like an eternity the work place has been working on a project for the past three months that was suppose to technically only take one month to complete. But due to the inablity to receive approvals, change in directions, unrealistic goals and a general lack of project management from their side the project has just become hell for office moral, and personal health of myself. Ever since i got back from work from our vacation in Hawaii i’ve been working 12-16 hours days, sometimes 6 days a week without any real time to recuperate my body is starting to fail. I can feel my blood pressure rise through my eyeballs, and just the other week walking up a hill actually made my shins hurt when i got back home. It hasn’t been received well at home either as i wasn’t able to have dinner with Joy and spend the quality time after work that we normally enjoy, but all i can say is that its almost over.

Thankfully this week its been better, and i’ve been able to focus my attention on our other clients. Sometimes i get a bit overwhelmed since i did put myself in this position of dealing with accounting, h/r, and my normal billables, but its getting to be a bit much with this one hell of a project always at the back of my head. At least the coolhaus truck stop by across the street from our office so that I could get a roasted pear and nutmeg ice cream sandwich.

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