I finally got to watch Inception on Saturday now that its been out in theaters for weeks. I made the one fatal mistake was to have a few drinks a couple hours before, and have a headache start to form throughout the movie. With so many characters and plot lines to follow it made my head spin even more. I was able to keep up, but when they started to explain how many level of dreams i was dreading the pain to follow. Thankfully i got out of the movie alive with plenty of story lines, and conclusions to debate about. It was really a great movie and i would highly recommend it, just try to be drunk or nauseous because the camera shots may not be the best when your brain is floating in alcohol.

Even if the story may have been ripped off by a Ducktales comic strip, its pretty visually stunning and it should be seen in theaters. The craziest thing about the movie its finally something i can relate how i dream every single time i close my eyes. It doesn’t matter if its during a 8 hour night time slumber, or a 10 minute nap on the couch. Instantly once my eyes turn off, my brain turns on to worlds that don’t exist, but are oddly familiar. Typically it will usually involve events that have happened during the days, random thoughts floating in my head or other times it may be a dream about a dream that i’ve had in the past and not just the same dream, but another occurrence of the same dream. Most morning i wake up as tired as when i went to sleep, but the thoughts will be hone 5 minutes after my eyes open.

Joy told me that i should write down my dreams, and keep a dream journal, but i’m afraid that i’ll be spending so much time reviewing what i’ve written trying to find the connections of the mind and the real world. Although after reading an article in Men’s Journal about Steve Nash doing the same thing, i might give it a second thought.

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