So there comes a time that when a person has to come to their senses and finally succumb to the great being known as the iPhone. At least i’m doing it on my own terms and not a two year lease on an invisible bandwidth. The other night while waiting in the theaters to watch Resident Evil 4, i saw a guy a few rows below playing Street Fighter on his iPhone and it looked really fun. I didn’t give it much thought until this weekend when i remembered that joy has her 1st gen sitting on the dressert that i thought i would try my hands of jailbreaking it and unlocking it.

With a little help from Steve and a few hours by myself on Saturday i got the thing clear and free of at&t and got the thing connected to the t-mobile network and a host of places to download apps and install onto the phone. Of course i downloaded SF4, and it actually plays pretty decently with the virtual controls, but honestly i’ll still ended up using the Yahoo! fantasy football app the most. I figured that most of the time i’ll be within a wifi zone at either home or work, and what i do out in the real world i’ll handle on the edge network. I’m not giving up on my G1 quite yet, but this will be a good experiment in the mean time to see if i’d ever really pay for a new iPhone.

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  1. I love my nexus one but the iphone definately has a better touch keyboard and more refined apps. the yahoo ff app is way better than anything on android market.

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