Its been a pretty hectic week at work, and probably put in a good 60 hours of work in. I had plenty of house keeping things to do on Saturday. In the morning we woke up at 8am and ran out the door so that i can could get my windshield wipers fixed, and go have breakfast for my dad’s birthday. The slow service at Mimi’s Cafe in Cerritos gave Joy and I ample time to teach my parents on how to use their new iPhone 4s. Thankfully they picked up the techniques of their new phones and should be good for a few weeks until they run into new apps to play with.  After breakfast we took a walk to the local farmers market and picked up some fresh herbs, and tomatoes, while my dad picked up a couple new flower plants for his garden.

Once the car was done being worked on i had the mechanic turn off the check engine light and went off to get my smog check done. The light has been on for long time now, and i was really nervous as my car was being checked on. Everything seemed to be going ok, until he had to check the pressure of the gas cap which failed and was the reason for the check engine light to be on the whole time. Thankfully he’s a good’ol boy from westminster and figured that the rubber ring seal was cracked so he opened up a new gas cap and replaced the ring with the new one. Whew, another two years, and i’ll see you again mr. smog man.

Lastly we headed back to the Southbay so that we could get ready for Jen & Jeremy’s Wedding in Venice which meant that i needed to get a haircut. I headed back to the barber that i go to now in Redondo Beach, and got it cut by the same guy who did it the first time. It says something when everybody in the past week was complaining about my hair and how crappy it looks now compared to when it was originally cut back in June. Thats probably why i liked just growing out my hair long last year and year before because if you miss one week from getting your normally scheduled cut and it all goes to hell.

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