Even though Joy’s friends Jennifer and Jeremy got married earlier this year in Taiwan, they HAD to have a wedding/reception in the states too. They had a very casual, and festive party at the Auto Shop in Venice which has no relation to the Smog Shop in Culver City where Ben and Tiffany got married last year. This place is what you would say a raw space, which means there’s some walls, and some cement on the floor, but the rest is up to you. They did a very nice job covering some things with curtains, hanging various nicknacks on the walls, projecting a video against a wall, and setting up a candy corner with plenty of old time favorites to choose from, like pixy sticks, and tootsie pops.

They did go through and had another ceremony, but the rest of the night was just one big party. We did our best to get some of the passed food items like pork tacos, shortribs, and seared tuna, but barely any reached the back room where the bar was, and of course exactly where we posted up for the majority of the night.

Most if not everything seemed to be done as favors of friends and family from the wedding dress, food, and even the betty crocker wedding cake. Most of the guest seemed a little older or a little more boring as our group seemed to be the only ones drinking, and getting the happy couple to take some shots as well.

At 10 the party started to wind down so we ended the night by heading over to Swingers in Santa Monica for some much needed grease and bread to help soak up the alcohol, and end another successful night of wedding bliss.

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