After weeks of traveling Joy and I are finally back at home, or at least a few weekends worth of dust and laundry to do. For most of the day we spent sweeping, and wiping and just getting everything back in order so that we didn’t have to think about all the dust that our feet would pick up when we walked through the house. It feels great to reset the house back to working order, and for the next few weeks while we’ll be each out of the house for Vegas, golf or another wedding reception to attend.

For lunch we used our 2 for 1 coupon for Souplation in Torrance, and I finally got to visit this spice store called Penzys Spices. Back when we were living in Santa Monica they had just opened this purely spice store but I never got a chance to visit it, so when we passed by it on the way to lunch i wanted to check it out. Surprisingly when you enter the store the smells aren’t over powering like Yankee Candle always does, and the place is neatly setup with everything broken down between spices, herbs, seasoning mixes, and other stuff. Everything has a sample jar which you can smell and everything comes in different sizes from 8oz bags of the stuff to 2.4oz jars of it. We picked out some spices that were missing from the pantry, and a few new ones like smoked paprika that i want to try out on some potatoes. Thanks to Restaurant City on facebook there were a few things i knew when i saw and vice versa, and of course the saffron was the most expensive spice there coming in at something like .5 oz. for $9.00.

We also picked up some empty jars as well to use on the stuff that we had just kept in ziplock bags, and now everything has its on home, in its own jar. Now we just need to get a labeling gun so that we know whats inside each one now.

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