I’m officially out of Santa Monica, and now i’ve got an office. Can you believe it, i barely can get adjusted not having someone sitting 2 feet from me.We moved all the data sensitive items on friday evening and found out that the building had eliminated the phone line that was going to be used for our DSL, but thankfully AT&T was able to send someone in to fix it on Saturday while the movers moved the rest of the office. Sunday i spent most of the day setting up all the computers, and moving all the boxes to the appropriate areas, and today we unpacked all the boxes and threw away a ton of stuff that we shouldn’t have packed in the first place.

I’m still getting used to the fact that there’s no one that has to deal with my crap, and i have space to deal with all the paperwork that gets thrown to me on a constant basis. I still need some decorations but for the most part it a pretty comfortable space to be in.

For lunch today we walked over to the shopping plaza just a block away, and Jonathan commented that it was so nice not do have to deal with all the weirdos (homeless and AA), and i commented how now we’re the weird ones. We got some chinese food and actually bumped into a friend of Janelle’s while waiting for our food. I had to literally stop myself from eating all the food we ordered because it was so good, and i really have to cook some food to bring to work tomorrow because i don’t want to gain the 25lbs i gained the last time i worked in El Segundo.

I’m not loving the bathroom situation because i really did like the private bathrooms at our old office versus seeing feet in the stall next to me. At least there’s some 3G coverage in there so i can surf the web a little faster while i’m relaxing.

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