Disney’s California Adventure’s World of Color opened to the public last month and with all the hoops and ladders you have to go through to get a good seat at the show it was pretty difficult to actually think about going. Friday night joy and i took a shot in the dark to see it after eating AYCE KBBQ in garden grove. We entered the park as the first showing let out and mazed our way towards the lake. We noticed huge pig pens of people waiting for the next show. We had no idea that there were so many different fast passes and prix fixe menus that also allowed seating to the show. We circled the park looking for a viewing area, and eventually went all the way around and had a nice viewing just to the right of all the reserved seating/standing room. All i can say about the show is that its very Bellagio-esque with a huge touch of Disney. The show was alright but it didn’t give me the chills as Fantasmic still does.

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