This weekend i spent the entire time driving up and down the 405 between Gardena and Irvine. Saturday while Joy was out to her bridal shower, i headed down to Irvine for Christian’s 3rd birthday party at Pump it up a warehouse just filled with an assortment of bounce houses. All the kids were super excited about the place, but the adults seemed to have a good enough time going down the slide and running through the obstacle course. Afterwards pizza and caked were served up, and the pizza was the type you used to sell in high school during lunch. It brought back plenty of memories of really cheap pizza in the court yard.

In the evening Thomas, Jonathan, Joy and I headed back down to Long Beach to watch the new Predators movie. I actually liked it, especially after the last two Aliens vs. Predators movies were just so-so. This movie was pretty much an homage to the original Govenator version just thrown on a different planet and a new cast of ethnic specific warriors. It was a very safe movie script and should appease hardcore fans and the casual movie goers. After the movie we went to Belmont shores to get a late drink at acapulco inn an old college dive bar which seems to be expanding.

Sunday morning Joy and I slept in a bit longer than expected and had to rush to brunch with Thomas and Nancy in Newport Beach for some big breakfast burritos and the finals to the World Cup. They serve up some customizable burritos and bloody mary’s, but we passed on the alcohol this time. It was a very nice time hanging out in Orange County, especially its not very often we actually head that way anymore.

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