Harvard’s Lin signs with Warriors

This weekend i’m heading up north to take my game up to play in the bay. Not quite close to the bay, and not quite basketball, but rather for a round of golf with my uncle at Hiddenbrook in Vallejo. Joy is running the SF marathon with my sister, and since my knees are pretty much shot from running my past marathons i’m finally going to get a chance to play golf with my uncle, but too bad my cousin-in-law is going to be out of town or else he would’ve joined us too.

If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, basically he’s as american born asian from the bay who went to Harvard to play basketball. Coming out of college all the NBA teams thought he was a good story, but not actually good enough to make a team. He at least got a chance to play on the Dallas Maverick’s summer league team, and got the opportunity to show that he does actually have some skills, and made it known that he’s just not another smart kid who can’t play the game. Check out the video of him against the number 1 draft pick from this year, John Wall.

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