As the original plan for our trip up to SF was for Joy to run the SF Marathon, i took the opportunity to play a round of golf with my favorite uncle. He promptly picked me up at my sister’s house at 10am and got to Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo with plenty of time to hit hit some balls at the range and grab a snack. The course was challenging yet fun, with lots of varying terrain and elevation changes. My uncle’s game is very consistent with drives that hit the fairway, and a good recovery skills around the green. He was beating me by two strokes after the front nine, but i was able to make up the difference and take the lead on the final two holes with a par and birdie to finish off the day recording a 92. I hit one drive some 275 yards with the help of the slope and had only one three putt so i was pretty happy with how my game is progressing leading up to the COC Golf Tournament happening next month.

As for my time in SF I got to eat a nice Italian restaurant, Peruvian, dim sum, and some candied ginger ice cream. Joy did a good job with her half marathon finishing under 2.5 hours.

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