My co-workers and I talk a lot about Basketball in the office, and there’s nothing more interesting than speculating on where all the 2010 NBA Free Agents are going to end up next season. With so many big name players out in the market it was only right to come up with a simple spreadsheet game to see how well we could predict where the big name, and level 2 free agents would eventually end up. Its crazy to think about what kind of team you could put together if you didn’t have a salary cap, but since there is one the possibility of creating a super team is really unlikely. Even so i thought it would be amazing  if you could imagine a team of everyone available but this would probably be my dream combo.

PG: Dwayne Wade (pretty light on FA PGs so i’m putting him here)

SG: Ray Allen (even going 0’fer i still worry about him shooting)

SF: LeBron James (duh)

PF: Dirk Nowitzki (sweet outside shot, with the ability to play inside)

C: Brad Miller (old yes, but would compliment all the other shooters)

6th: Raja Bell (D-Fence)

B: Kyle Korver (Secondary 3pt shooter)

B: Drew Gooden (Rebounding & Mid-range game)

B: Travis Outlaw (Hustle)

B: Shannon Brown (Highlight Reel)

Why no Joe Johnson, Amaré, Bosh? Lets just say that i wouldn’t trust any of those guys in a pressure situation when you needed to play as a team, or needed a last minute shot, or could reasonably expect them to play off the bench.

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