On saturday I celebrated Father’s day a little early to avoid the crowds at dinner but i failed to realize the crowds at the movies. Joy and I treated my parents to a viewing of Toy Story 3 at the Del Amo mall, along with every other couple with a kid or four. My mom commented that she never had to wait in line before, but you never really see lines if you watch a movie at 4pm on a weekday. We actually got good seats even though we were basically in the back of the line to get into the theater. Everyone thought the movie was great, even if i thought it dragged a little and i really have to fight from closing my eyes for a second.

For dinner i made reservations at Paul Martin’s in El Segundo. It was a pretty nice place and thankfully i made reservation because it got crowded really fast. They offered a nice 3 course meal with soup/salad, a 12oz prime rib, and dessert for $30. Of course Joy and I split one, while my mom had one for herself and dad got the brick chicken. None of us finished our meals and were completely stuffed. Happy Father’s day everyone, i know there are a ton of you out there now!

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