My bad.

Noel and Liza celebrated their 10 year of wedded life together by throwing a hawaii themed bbq. They redid their backyard with a custom bbq with a flat screen built in and bamboo wall coverings that really made you feel like you weren’t in Bellflower anymore. I only had a few hours there before Joy and I had a wedding announcement dinner so Brian and I took it upon ourselves to have a little fun. What i didn’t really expect (it was a thought though) was Noel getting completely trashed in the short time i was there. It started with just a few beers, and then i needed to move on the makers mark, and it was all downhill for Noel from that point on. I figured i wasn’t affected so much before i pigged out on, well pig, a whole lechon to be exact, and lumpia, and a burger.

The kids in the family are starting to get so big, and it was the first time meeting Brian’s newest girl Melina, while Brandon is already seven years old. Although Steve wasn’t there i was able to meet the youngest Laranang Koen, and Sariah is definitely growing up to be a beautiful girl.

Check out the rest of the pictures on flickr.

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