Saturday was definitely an activity filled day for both Joy and I.In the morning i headed to the second Yelp Basketball UYE: June Lunacy to get my game on with my new shoes. I was able to get in about 4 games of full court basketball and worked up a really good sweat. My hands don’t know how to shoot anymore, but at least i could keep up with the younger kids.

While i was out shooting hoops Joy was at Janelle’s baby shower for Naomi. Since its the year of the Tiger, we picked up some Tigger gear at Disneyland a few weeks ago. Janelle didn’t understand the orange at first but got it after explained the connection.

After i got done playing ball, i headed to Jonathan’s to hang out with him, Thomas and the kids. The kids got to play in the house while the dads shared a bottle of Jameson, and some hot dogs.

Earlier in the week i got an e-mail about an invite for a preview dinner at Bite Bar, it wasn’t free but it was only $10 a person. Only service breakfast and lunch, and since we really liked their waffles it was something we wanted to try. We invited Ben and Tiff and met up for dinner in the evening. It was definitely an experience with the ups and down of a restaurant finding its feet, but we got to taste basically everything on the menu. Some of the more interesting items were the pancetta popcorn, artichoke beignets, and jidori fried chicken. At the end they gave us comment cards and we got to fill them out and discuss our entire meal and we got a the feeling of being a judge on Top Chef.

To end the night we went to finish up watching the A-Team. A really good movie if it ended after thirty minutes, and just a good movie if you end up watching it all.

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