LA Live has been open for a while now, and finally Joy and I made a night out in Downtown LA. We started by having dinner at Lawry’s Carvery for some tasty sandwiches and mac’n cheese. We followed it up by grabbing some drinks at Trader Vic’s and i really wanted to get a tropical drink, but i need to wait till we go to Hawaii. For the finale we went to watch A-Team at the regal theaters and got to watch a really good opening sequence, but had our night cut short when Joy got some indigestion from the drinks. Overall LA Live has a lot of potential of being fun, but only if we were actually going to stay overnight it would be a pretty good time to get drunk and have some fun. The out lying areas of downtown are still not up to late night walking so there’s still a bit of hesitation of parking out in the city, and driving home.

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