I’ve been trying to plan a hiking day out with Andy and Jen, and after a few years we finally made it out. Too bad i didn’t know what i had gotten myself into. Andy told me to meet him up in Alta Dena for a hike called Mount Lowe Railway which was 2.5 miles of vertical incline.

Decades ago there once lived a sort of vacation spot located up in the hills where you had to take a rail that was pushed by donkeys to get to. There used to be a huge house, even tennis courts, but all that is left is some housing foundation, and some picnic tables. We ate lunch of some bahn mi’s that we picked up in Alhambra, and took a nice long break. Unfortunately for myself that was only the halfway point and our final destination was another 2.2 mile further up.

I was honestly ready to give up, but some how Andy convinced me to keep on trekking onward and upward.  Finally reaching the top that was named Inspiration Point.  We were greeted with a great view of the smog of the surrounding city. Supposedly on a clear day you can see all the way from Seal Beach to Santa Monica. I was completely wiped out when we finally got back to the car, and i’m probably going to pass on hiking in Hawaii.

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