This weekend the gang is headed up for a little camping trip in dangerous world of Malibu. In the past i always just borrowed my sister’s gear, but now that she’s up north i had to go out and spend some money buying my own gear (No small task on its own mind you). It doesn’t help that i’ve been re-reading World War Z again, so every time i’m in the store looking at gear i always think if this is going to help me long term if an plagued hits the world and i have start living out in the world on my own. You start thinking to yourself is this light enough, is this strong enough, should i get the one with a hand crank, what if i can’t find any more fuel, and so on and so forth. Its actually a pretty fun game as long as you remember that its all just a fantasy, and most likely you’re not going to need that lantern that also doubles as a cell phone charger, or the shotgun with extra large bullet pouch.

I ended up purchasing:

  1. REI Camp Dome 2
  2. Colemam Rugged Rechargeable Lantern
  3. Ozark Trail Dual Lock Comfort Chair (which was by far the most comfort for the price ($21).

We’ll see how the boys (Noah & Christian) like being in the outdoors, but most likely they’re going to love it because they get to sleep with their parents all weekend. As for Joy and I, were going to enjoy the (hopefully) quiet of the outdoors, eat some hotdogs and maybe get in a little reading. I’m hoping that 62° feels a lot warmer that i think it means.

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