No, the Los Angeles Angels were not hosting a special bat give away today, it just happened to be “Bats Day” or a day which goths gather up for a day in the sun at Disneyland. I’m never surprised actually when I go to Disneyland, but normally its just a bunch of little girls coming in as all the different Disney Princesses.

This is actually not the first group meet up that i’ve witnessed in person, while i was working there a decade ago i got to work while a Rave day, and a Gay day happened to be going on. Its pretty amazing to see so many people that just don’t normally fit in the “Disney” standards, but i guess half the fun is freaking out the normal tourists that happened to be visiting that day. These group are actually usually a pretty nice and friendly group. They all usually like taking pictures with strangers and are pretty used to, and expect to be stared at.

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