Work was light on friday because of the upcoming holiday weekend so Joy and I took off work early to catch Sex and the City 2 at downtown disney. Before the movie started we grabbed some food and drinks at the Mexican restaurant, and after a margarita, and modelo we headed out to the movie. I may have been one of the few guys that watched this movie, but i already had too much invested by watching them all on DVD in the past. The movie itself was ok, but lacked more series plots and literally went on a whole new journey for the main characters.

The movie got out around 11:15pm, and i decided that we might as well get on a few rides at Disneyland since our passes weren’t good for the rest of the weekend. We quickly made it onto the Indiana Jones ride, and Pirate of the Caribbean. It was a totally crazy experience riding on our own boat, with no one on the boats in front or back of us. You could really hear the animitronics, and no screams ahead of you. It was a fun way to start the weekend, even though both Joy and I are working on Monday.

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